Ho Chi Minh, a hub of technology, business, opportunities and modernized part of Vietnam. I am sure every neighboring countries’ citizen would love to drop by just to see how fast-growing is this country and what to see, do and impress.

I am not very different, though I went for work, that was a great new experience to be able to extend our joy with the limited budget we had. I am more than excited to share our experiences checking out the attractions in Ho Chi Minh, our Airbnb experiences, and the discovery of our favorite foods.

Travel to Ho Chi Minh by Bus

The trip was so fine, great, with the VIP Van seats and nice A/C but the bumpy part next to the border is a bit disturbing, we were like jumping up and down with van trying to get through the rough road.

The immigrant control didn’t take too long, we got help from our driver and it wasn’t a peak season for tourists, so it was pretty much like a local bus trip ( I could say it is a good season to travel to VN despite the raindrops). we left Phnom Penh (PP) at 6:30 AM straight and arrived Ho Chi Minh(HCM) at 1 PM ish. ( that was a great timing for quick birds like us, we got to settle and look around the city a bit.)

We had Pho right after our arrival, A pho meal to absorb the local vibe ( Very Sad I dig-in without a thought of taking any photo for later show-off) .

Airbnb experiences

The rain was hard enough for us to hop in Grab for 2mn ride to get to our Airbnb, just so you know, ‘Airbnb, just as local as it is’, we made a few wrong enter to find the right entry to the studio room. It was on the third floor, the house was small yet spacious, the price was good and indeed the best spot for any tourists! it is located in the center with short distances to most of the tourist places.

BUT, how did we spend our short afternoon after settled in?

Popular street foods

We were lost in translation, and everyone keeps speaking Vietnamese to us, of cause Asian we all look familiar. We went to a seafood restaurant, a famous one, and we filled up our small dining table with different seafood dishes ordered by using our gesture and Yeah! Google translation saved us. Each dish is flavourful and tasty, the cooking and seasoning were just different from the seafood I ever had before. BUT! I guarantee you will love it!

The next day filled with work and commitment, we attended the ITE 2019 hoping to make new friends and new contacts and yes to challenge our work missions. it was truly challenging, we had to work at the same time lose the sight of focus. however, that was a great time for us to exercise teamwork and communicate. we had our long trip to the east part and got to witness the locals during the ride.

More Ho Chi Minh local feast

Banh Xieo and pancake! Thanks to our Vietnamese friends, we could catch a table there and order something. this small street shop is always packed with tourists and locals with their famous signature menu, Banh Xieo, mixed with seafood or pork. It was crunchy and soft and very good with the wrapped veggies, plus the Coke for amazing drink combination. and our second round? dessert of cos, for our diet xD.

Attractions in Ho Chi Minh

Last day, Happy day, legged day of the trip! we had little time, yet very big ambition to visit every hotspot in the city. we ran from one place to another to Cathedral to the central market, to the museum and shopping mall.

I would rate my excitement 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I enjoyed the trip but very tiring as it was mainly for work and yes I spent most of my time worrying about my tasks and couldn’t really focus much on what HCM had to offer for travelers like me.

If you are reading this, I hope you find something in this or just a little trigger for your next trip.
Good luck!