Exploring Steung Treng from dusk till down with my gangs

Traveling to Steung Treng

Cambodia …….. is just big to me. It took us 7-8 hours to get to the center of the province; I remembered we left the capital at 5 am and arrive at a school in Steung Treng at 4 pm. We were so excited even after knowing what pain we might have, stuck in the bus for like a day; I thought I couldn’t bear it in silent with the well-behaved postures just to look good for the lecturers who shared the same bus. Everything turned out so well, during the 8 hours drive, we were so happy, what an adventure! we drove past three provinces! each one has the significant view that kept me awake the whole trip. we got to observe the slightly different livelihood of each area we bypassed, the locals’ dialect, and the worth-observing lifestyle. To my surprise, the road was unexpectedly well-structured as I thought I would spend 8 hours on a bumpy road.

Arriving Steung Treng province

The fact that it locates in the edge of Cambodia allowed us to feast our sights with mesmerizing jungle, natural resorts and the boundary with Lao gave us new insights of the people living between two country.

What to eat at Steung Treng

Honestly, there was not a signature menu I could find at that time, there wasn’t a rare dish in the option, yet I can tell that the only distinction they have is their cooking style; they may use additional ingredients or varied seasoning process. Moreover, Further down in an alley next to the border point, we got to try some Khmer-Laotian food and beer ( Lao beer is very popular within their circle). The locals living there share and influences each other culture and livelihood, they have a great bond.

Traveling within Steung Treng