Having been taught about the Communication skill and some public relation responsibilities, i have shown such a great Interest in the field and hope to give a try until i was offered to fulfill an internship post in a public relation agency called Branderz. It is located at No. 82, Street 244 Phnom Penh. This agency was founded in 2013 by a french guy, Pierre Robortin. Branderz is a brand management and communication studio with a great capability and ability in providing digital solutions. Currently, Branderz does not only provide public relation service but also digital marketing package to the clients.

As a communication intern, i was assigned to facilitate work between the clients and designers to deliver the best strategies for the clients. Facilitating here is about doing some research, translation, strategic planning, communicating through a digital form with clients, work organization on digital, preparing for the press conference and do the paper works for both client and media. By far, with my two months at Branderz sure was not enough to explore the whole workflow but it taught me what the classes did not cover.

Assignment /Job Description:
Being an intern at Branderz i was treated just like a full time staff. The works given to me is project-based, short or long, depend on client and works can be a bit different for each project.

  • press release: Preparing the press release and design the mail to make it more interesting for the media. It is not for all the client but it is for project base.
  • Attend the meeting with the client and pitch the idea to get their investment.
  • Designing the creative concept for facebook for some small client ( base on the contract)
  • Translating the copy from English to Khmer ( Caption )
  • Work closely with the local media.
  • Helping the boss the fill up the strategic plan and schedule the post on Facebook.
  • Work closely with the design team to deliver the creative for the content post

The Three Primary strengths that I have gotten myself:

  • I got to apply the communication theory I learned in class and understand how it actually works in real life, and how important each communication channel work in the current situation.
  •  I know how to communicate with the media people and as a media person. I know how to get myself familiar with the strangers and master the conversation to benefit both parties or even more.
  •  I am more efficient with my English usage in both writing and speaking as i usually communicate with people in both Khmer and English through email and face-to-face.

To apply for an internship is not only about learning and applying what you learned in class, it is to create a connection and network with other people as well. it is a big help after you graduated, maybe that place will welcome you after you graduate from school. you know a lot of people from different sectors they can be your consultant for a job and somehow they can recommend you to any better position if you impressed them with your good performance.