[ June 02, 2016] The elders once said that ‘ A way to get out of your stress, is to travel and try something new’ and i did follow the advice.

Getting through so many unexpected ugly truth, i feel like my existence was somehow wrong and in a way of annoying other people. Well, no one can help that but to let it fade away with time. This is how the trip pops up in my mind and others.

The feeling you hold inside while packing up for this fantastic trip is incredible. The stuff itself isn’t that important, but the imagination you could visualize is priceless.

That day has come, and everyone got on the bus heading to the, long waiting for, destination. ‘ KOMPOT ‘ a paradise thought-to-be, the scenery, the activities that we couldn’t wait for.

Our first stop was ‘Bokor Mountain’. It took us almost an hour to reach the top, but the duration wasn’t a problem at all because we all were so overwhelmed with the view, the tree, the road on the way to the top. The weather usually reaches 37 or 38 at the lunchtime, and it was the only thing for us to be well-prepared as we are going to the top of the mountain. However, everything turned out well, and the fresh wind help blows all the sadness away.

The second stop is the bungalow where we spent a night at. It was where I felt so connected with nature because the room we stayed in was built on the river bank, which faces the mangrove forest and the mountain at the back. You won’t ask for more once you see the view. The wind blows from the west and cools down the bare skin, which suffered from the sunburn. Let yourself lost in nature for a while and let it heal your pain.

If the bungalow alone is not enough, find something else to chill yourself. It could be diving or swimming, but do not forget the kayaking that you should risk your life for. Getting on the small boat, grab the puddles and chase the sunset. the other choice is to go as far as you can and let it float. ” Close your eyes, Listen to the small creatures’ sound and  recharge your soul.” After this, go and enjoy the best of the local seafood; it is a source to your appetizer.

The nights fall on Kompot land, and the sound of small creatures started to voice. Some of you may choose to stay in and have a quality time with friends after dinner, but there is one more thing that should not leave behind:” A ferry to see the fireflies”. Since they reside in the mangrove forest, y have to get on a small ship in the late night to see the night beauty of existences. It is the most stupid thing that ones should not have done but well, You should dare to challenge it because compared to your life, it is scarier than this. Without scaring of sinking, GHOST! Or any possible incident; just sit still and enjoy watching those cheerful fireflies flying above your head, the trees, and river. Just DON’T panic because the wind will help you heal your depression, anxiety, sensitivity …, WHAT !etc.

Another risky yet worthy thing to not forget is to try the Zipline. Challenge yourself and climb to the almost top of a large tree and flying across the sea. I bet you will not be able to forget this kind of moment in life because not all beautiful memories are made easily. So thinking of the stunning of the scenery you are heading to and you were dropped from the high place, across the sea without being aware of the scary imagination. It is worthwhile; life is short so why don’t you just try everything?

It wasn’t a long trip to expect but I have ticked off so many things on my checklist. GO out and explore! Growing up to this old, I have just realized the true meaning of ‘ travel.’
So KOMPOT is where we all could call ‘ A Paradise.’

Away from the comfort zone, there can be a heaven,