How I got into Documentation Center of Cambodia ( DC-Cam) was not a plan, but a sudden opportunity and I did not know that such a place exist. First, I met a film Director from DC-Cam, who was willing to help me and my group improve our production skill. Then, after months of training on how the camera work and roles in this field, he helped us to enter DC-Cam by working under his supervision in the media office. We were arranged to meet with the Director, Mr. Chhang Youk, to discuss our future plan and the meaning of this internship. With my strong will of widening my critical thinking and hard working, I was accepted as an intern for two months with a warm welcome from this small family of DC-Cam; located at No. 66C , Preash Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh.

As I was working in the Media office, I was assigned to work closely with the ‘Searching for the truth’ magazine team and filming team. I was asked to read few documents first to catch up with what was going and how far the work was done so that I could catch up easily. At the mean time, I could contribute as many articles as I want as long as I could handle the work. I have to learn to control the camera both DSLR and camcorder for the fieldwork project in the province. Besides handling the camera function, I responsible for the editing of my own content. By far, with my two months stay at DC-Cam, I could learn beyond what I was taught in class in both theories and practice.

There are three mains objectives of this internship:

1, To broaden my knowledge of Khmer Rouge Regime history
2, To sharpen my interview skill with the local people when going out to the field
3, To strengthen my Journalism skill by working on feature articles for monthly publication.
4, To improve my technical skill in videography and photography.

The three primary strengths that I have gotten myself:

+ I got to finish the work before the deadline due: I did not put off what I was assigned to do from time to time and tried to finish as soon as possible to build trust from the supervisor.
+ I am not picky when it comes to working: I did not only the journalistic job but also helped out with other people works as well because as it can be seen that my job required going out to the field and provinces so I had to lighten other people’s work as well.
+ I had a good relationship with the colleagues: I had a good relationship with the people in office and outside so that I did not have much pressure going to work since there were people to guided me and helped me go through any difficulties.

Despite the problems that occurred, I still looking forward to doing another internship and very recommend to other students as well. Internship either give show me another taste in life but also the skill to survive the society out there that we all have to adapt sooner or later.