Train used to be a transportation to evacuate people from place to place during the Khmer Rouge regime. However, after 30 years surviving from such a painful past, Cambodia is on its way to activate the railway and to bring back its livelihood for the people who wish to enjoy another choice of transportation.

It took us about 7 hours from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Ville, which was way longer than bus or personal car would take. Surprisingly, there was no complaining or discomfort during the ride. Sitting on the train is different from other transportation with its long mattress seat, big legroom, and the newly installed air-conditioner. With the availability of big space, I could sit freely with any postures.

Moreover, using the railway is very beneficial in which passengers do not have to care much about the traffic; instead, you get the excused from others to cross the road. This makes you exceptionally feel at east because you just go with the speed of the train and do not have to care about speed up or slow down just like you drive a car.

Sometimes, going slowly does not mean wasting the time but it can be a time you should spend on yourself whether it is for self-reflection or enjoying the moment when you do not have to care about anything else but fun. You have time for the chitchat or a long conversation with your colleagues or friends, who you have never had a chance to have a meaningful face-to-face talk because of the work. Spending quality time with those who exist in your life journey is a way to get out of extending your own comfort zone.

More than that, taking the route away from the busy town once in a long while and passing through the lives residing in the suburban, outskirt of the city and even a small jungle; you will be given a moment to enjoy the slow version of the stunning scenery outside the window. Taking a deep breath and throw your eyes at the window with various views coming to your sight; nature , green, mountain , water , peasants in the rice field ,which is the alert to tell you that ‘apart from your modernization area, there is a breathtaking beauty of the silent part of Cambodia as well’.

Last but not least, as the speed get slower for some reason, I felt like someone whistles in my ear saying that “ You don’t have to rush, go slower with me and I will show you something more beautiful.”

Try it yourself and you will know what an experience it will bring,

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