I started off my career with a great interest in writing, from writing with a fact base story to creative writing based on writer/reader’s subjectivity. And with no matter how many years passed by, I still stick to the rule of ‘writing for understanding’ and it has been associated relentlessly with my current work.

I am not aiming to become any celeb-blogger, but this platform allows me to share a few interesting things that could be a good read for some friends. Not that my life is interesting, but I guess it’s good to share something that might help your planning or knowledge here in Cambodia. That’s the least I can do for my home country; the people and places.

*Just a little add-up to the ME, Who is Me ?:

Not only I am a cute pets fan, but I am also a graduate from the No.1 Journalism school in Cambodia which equipped me with many skills such as blogging, copywriting, news, script and have prepped me well to fit in the PR role. This fact made me a Marcom person at a leading tech-startup in Cambodia, and it allowed me to do more than just my designated role. I manage branded content for various channels from B2C to B2B professionally and represent the biz for many occasions. Also, my skills in market research and biz writing have particularly made my writing more elevated and attractive.