Cambodia had gone through a lot of wars, which force the kingdom to move its city over and over again. For this reason, the Royal Palace kept changing from one place to another as well and end up being here In Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. However,  The kings in the late centuries and his wealth were stored in a Palace, which is now being known as an old palace, before the city was moved to Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, There aren’t many things left from the era as this country has been through civil wars and changes, but there is only some area which we can tell to be this and that from historical report and stories that we have been told.

The first impression is way beyond my expectation. stepping forward through the front door, i feel like this is IT! the quietness, the beauty of the trees and the wind blow from an unknown direction, give me the urge of curiosity. i was scanning the building one by one, area by area suddenly i felt like it brings me back to hundred years ago with the very old trees and the scent of the flowers.

There are ponds inside and outside of the palace. it seems like ponds were established to help freshen up the wind around the area. There are more to describe regarding the history and shortcomings, So putting on questions and visit here once. YOU WILL LOVE IT.