[November 1-3, 2016] After two months of waiting, I had finally landed in Malaysia and met these people from different parts of Southeast Asia countries. This year theme is ‘ Disaster Risk Reduction ‘, which is a brotherhood of ‘ Disaster Management’. We were taught about the nature of the disaster, which we all know that it is something that we, human, cannot avoid. Because of the arrival of many kind disasters, we have lost a lot of lives, properties, infrastructures, and well-being of the livelihood in ASEAN countries.

In this program, we were given the opportunity, as the future leaders,  to learn, to practice, to share and stand as one to help each other at the time of need.

We were put into different groups as stakeholders and beneficiaries who take part in Disaster Management and to reduce the risk. Despite our mixed nationalities, we only focus on the topic and discuss, we were taught that as a big family in a community, we care for the well-being of each other and we need each other supports.

Besides sitting in the lecture, we were asked to join a simulation arranged in Bangi Community, which allow us to understand the whole process of the drilling system and how to deal and be prepared when a disaster occurs.

In just a few days, we were fortunate enough to visit meteorology center and also a few places where we got to interact with the people who work in the field and friendly local people to learn and see how they manage their work.

Last but not the least, Thanks to this event, i was connected to many new friends across the southeast Asia countries. Despite our differences in race, religions, practices, we stick together tightly during the event to fulfill the requirement of the program and successfully complete the assignment with everyone contributions.