Miyazaki – is the capital city in Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu Japan. The busy lives of Japanese make the city look lively with the crowded people walking back and forth from one place to another.. The beautiful high school students are riding their bikes swiftly along the road like the anime in Japanese cartoon. The streets are covered with the shiny light from the traffic, trade centers, and vehicle ‘s light at night. The drivers with the high sense of morality peacefully used the roads and the tiny cars allow people traffic free from the jammed. The cha-chin sound of vending machine is mostly found everywhere and they are placed on both side of the busy road to serve those busy people in the city. Apart from the modern busy town, the various flowers and wonderful decoration to attract everyone’s eyes prettily accompanied the roads. The small and cozy houses are the spot in the suburban town with the tiny homegrown garden. The breathtaking scenery together with the affection of Miyazaki people makes the Miyazaki city a warm place for people to stay in. [2015]