Not my first nor my last exploration in this Merlion country. It was a very pleasant memory to adore, a journey with beloved people. We are not that wealthy to have an abroad trip as often as we want, but it was a very great decision for us to spend the fortune on this Singapore trip. That’s true, the expense in this country is really high and the money flows like water, but it worths every experience we earned.

I was not a professional in photography but these few snapshots are from the reflection of my eyes, my memory and how I personally witness the moment right in front of me.

‘ The Shop’, a very elegant and fancy mall. There were so many concretes and might make visitors feel like they are surrounded by walls, but those walls are like crystals standing on a small landscape. Those iconic buildings and impressive architectures make the visitors lining up for the pictures and countless selfies.

Garden By the Bay from afar looks like a metal kind of flower growing in a little jungle residing in a modern city. The beauty from afar made me, even more, eager to get a ticket for a closer look; Really Appreciate the creator and all those masterminds behind these truly amazing things.

When the night falls, the manmade beauty comes to live, The Light. The effort in this work isn’t a thing to underestimate, we may not able to reach the stars but Yeah! we can get a full picture of these beautiful human-created stars in the ‘Supertree’. 

Miss and Love,