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Month: June 2018

Steng Treng : A Journey with love

Exploring Steung Treng from dusk till down with my gangs Traveling to Steung Treng Cambodia …….. is just big to me. It took us 7-8 hours to get to the center of the province; I remembered we left the capital at 5 am and arrive at a school in Steung Treng at 4 pm. We…

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It is a multi-media project of Year 3 Student at Department of Media and Communication, which focused on different issues that connect the past and present. This platform content text, Voice, video, and picture to serve a different type of audiences.  To learn how one issue was dealt in The Khmer Rouge Regime and is dealt…

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CIMB Young ASEAN Leaders 2016

[November 1-3, 2016] After two months of waiting, I had finally landed in Malaysia and met these people from different parts of Southeast Asia countries. This year theme is ‘ Disaster Risk Reduction ‘, which is a brotherhood of ‘ Disaster Management’. We were taught about the nature of the disaster, which we all know…

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My Internship and work missions at DC-Cam

How I got into Documentation Center of Cambodia ( DC-Cam) was not a plan, but a sudden opportunity and I did not know that such a place exist. First, I met a film Director from DC-Cam, who was willing to help me and my group improve our production skill. Then, after months of training on…

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One Paradise In Cambodia Land

[ June 02, 2016] The elders once said that ‘ A way to get out of your stress, is to travel and try something new’ and i did follow the advice. Getting through so many unexpected ugly truth, i feel like my existence was somehow wrong and in a way of annoying other people. Well,…

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A reflection of the traces left in Miyazaki, Japan

Miyazaki – is the capital city in Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu Japan. The busy lives of Japanese make the city look lively with the crowded people walking back and forth from one place to another.. The beautiful high school students are riding their bikes swiftly along the road like the anime in…

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A reflection of the eyes, My Second time in Singapore

Not my first nor my last exploration in this Merlion country. It was a very pleasant memory to adore, a journey with beloved people. We are not that wealthy to have an abroad trip as often as we want, but it was a very great decision for us to spend the fortune on this Singapore…

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It is slow but it worths the ride [Cambodia railroad]

Train used to be a transportation to evacuate people from place to place during the Khmer Rouge regime. However, after 30 years surviving from such a painful past, Cambodia is on its way to activate the railway and to bring back its livelihood for the people who wish to enjoy another choice of transportation. It took…

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Public Relation intern in Cambodia

Having been taught about the Communication skill and some public relation responsibilities, i have shown such a great Interest in the field and hope to give a try until i was offered to fulfill an internship post in a public relation agency called Branderz. It is located at No. 82, Street 244 Phnom Penh. This…

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